Unique Expressions

Plumridge Sample Books

Taffeta Solid – Silk Swatch Card:

            Spiral bound – easy reference guide
            Price for Swatch Card is: $15.00

Sustainable Silk Dupioni Catalog:

            92 Colors of SOLID SILK DUPIONI
            Sustainable Silk
            Hand woven from double nested cocoons
            Price for Swatch Dupioni Catalog is: $25.00

FAUX SILK Swatch Card:

            Idea for Commercial applications
            Perfect for Kid’s bedding and drapes where direct sun is a problem
            Price for Faux Silk Swatch Card in $25.00

The cost of the sample books are rebateable at the rate of $1.00/yard of fabric ordered.  There is no time limit to take advantage of the rebate.  All credit cards are accepted.

Unique Expressions, 989-832-0250, or send your order to: uniqshasta@charter.net.