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FlexTrack Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I place an order?

If you are ordering for the first time, we can help you determine the parts required for your application. Please email us at uniqshasta@charter.net or call us at 989-832-0250. Credit card is necessary when placing your order. All cards are accepted.

Q. Where can I use your tracks? What are its applications?

The applications are numerous. Our tracks are an excellent solution for both residential and commercial applications. It is appropriate for drapery and curtain use in homes, hotels, restaurants, boats, photos studios, theaters, high-rise curvedcurtain walls, as cubical dividers, for bay windows, as shower curtains, and much,much more. To see if our tracks are appropriate for your needs, please contact us at Unique Expressions, 989-832-0250 or uniqshasta@charter.net.

Q. What is the difference between standard, medium, and heavy duty tracks?

Standard tracks will meet most residential applications such as light sheer or shower curtains. Medium duty tracks are stronger, heavier and are $1.50 per foot more than standard tracks. Heavy duty tracks are appropriate for thicker, heavier-hanging commercial-use curtains.

Q. Can your flexible tracks be used for straight run application?

Yes, our tracks can also be used for straight run applications. Unlike other products, our tracks can run continuously for as long as 164' for standard and medium duty tracks and 98' for heavy duty tracks. When using tracks for straight run application, we recommend installing mounting hardware every 9" of track. Also, ensure all points of mounting hardware are level with one another.

Q. Can I cut the track myself?

Yes, all you need is a hacksaw with a metal blade.

Q. What parts are required for each foot of track?

We recommend 4 rollers and 1 mounting cartridge for every foot of track and 2 end caps for every segment of track. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, add additional mounting hardware at point of turns.

Q. How flexible are your tracks?

While our tracks have metal plates embedded, they are extremely flexible and can bend 90 degrees or more without any splice so that the sliders can move freely without interruption. The diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12”.

Q. Are your tracks ceiling mounted or wall mounted?

Our tracks can be installed on either ceilings or walls. We offer different hardware for each. When placing an order, please indicate whether the application is intended for ceiling mount or wall mount.

Q. Will your tracks fit bay windows that have slight bends in the window?

Our tracks can follow the curve of any surface. Therefore, it will accommodate the bends of your bay windows. We have many customers who use our tracks for bay window applications. If you intend to wall mount our tracks for bay window use, do let us know if there is any clearance you’d like to have between the wall and the track so we can determine the right parts required.

Q. What are your tracks and various components made of?

The track and its components are made of resin, which is very durable. The metal plates embedded within the tracks are made of stainless steel and provide extremely high durability. Life expectancy is 20 years.

Q. How long can a single track piece be ordered? Do you sell connector pieces?

Our standard and medium duty tracks can run up to 164 feet continuously without any splices or connectors. They are packaged in rolls. We do not sell connector pieces. Heavy duty tracks can be ordered in 98 foot rolls.

Q. What is the weight capacity for standard, medium, and heavy duty tracks?

Maximum weight supporting capacity is 33 pounds per foot of standard track (4 rollers). Medium and heavy duty tracks are relatively greater. Material surface hardness is greater or equal to 75 HA. Softening point is 80 degree C. Life expectancy is 20 years.

Q. Can your tracks be bent into an S shape? How curved can your tracks be bent?

Yes, our tracks can be easily bent into S shapes as long as the mounting cartridges are positioned correctly. Our tracks are highly flexible and can bend 90 degrees or more without any splice so that the sliders can move freely without interruption. For example, the diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12”. For installation instructions, refer to http://konnectinternational.com/Parts/Installation.htm

Q. What is your pre-packaged track?

The package contains standard tracks of 9.8 feet long, 30 rollers, 12 ceiling mount cartridges, 2 end caps, a pair of magnet catches and 12 screws and plastic anchor. It is a simple and basic way for use of one, 9’ plus long shower curtain or bay window rod.

Q. Can I use your product to provide covering on a vertical arch or curved window?

Yes, there is an easy and fast way with your product.

1) Use our valance board adhering to curved surface of your window frame or molding
2) Insert the velcro cloth into board.
3) Adhere velcro tape to your covering fabric. Design the covering in such a way that it can cover the board when in place. It'll look better.
4) Put two velcros together, here you have it.
5) You will need to open/close the covering with a tie back but most likely you will need to do that with any other means anyway.

Q. For wall mounting applications, what is the difference between mounting cartridge (WC) and bracket (WBS or WBD)?

The distance you want between wall and track determines which hardware to use. WC 1 & 2 give you 1", while WC 3 gives you 1 1/3". WBS gets 3" max and WBD gives 5" max. Because WBD is the longest, it is also suitable for double track with valance application.

Q. How do I open and close the curtain using your track?

You can do it with a wand, which we do not carry, but you can purchase it through any local drapery store.

Q. How do I determine what parts I need?

First, determine if you would like the track to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Then, determine the total length of track required. We recommend ordering a couple extra feet of track to ensure you have enough. It is suggested to have 4 rollers and 1 mounting cartridge for every foot of track and 2 end caps for every segment of track. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, add additional mounting cartridge / bracket at each point of turn.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

Yes, please request it from Unique Expressions, 989-832-0250 or uniqshasta@charter.net

Q. What is your return policy?

Every order is custom cut. Once your order is confirmed and shipped, we regret that we can no longer cancel your order or offer any refund.

Q. How quickly will I receive my order once I place it?

Once your order has been confirmed, we ship out within 2 business days after payment has been received.

Q. How do you ship the product?

We use USPS or UPS ground service. Because the track comes in a roll, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to ship in comparison with other track products. UPS will not deliver any box that is longer than 9’ without incurring additional charges. We are able to send tracks up to 164’ long.