Unique Expressions


FlexTrack Accessories

Clamp Hook
2" overall high, clamp width:1/3", $0.30 each.

Pear Hook
2-5/6" height, 1-1/4" wide at the bottom, $0.30 each.

Flexible Hook
In ripplefold curtain, to sew it in between the fold in order to adjust the curtain height ( max. 3- 1/2 " ). Track and hardware can also be hidden if intended. Size: 3-3/4"x7/12", $0.30 each.

Application with clamp hook

Application with pear hook

Magnet Catch
For split curtain application,helps to close 2 curtains´ end tighter. $2 a pair

Curtain Extension Net
Ventilation net of 18" in height , made of water proofing fabric , in 2 different length of 59" and 118". It is to provide ventilation as well as to increase total curtain high of over 78" from ceiling to buttom of curtain. ( off-the-shelf shower curtain is normally 60" high ). This net is $18 ea. for 18" H x 118"W, $9 ea. for 18" H x 59" W.

Prefab Alum 90 Degree Turn
Works with alum. straight track, color in white or silver. Inside radius: 3-1/2", $3 each

T-Bar Clamp + Ceiling Mount Cartridge