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Deluxe Clamping bar at New Outlook Interiors, Charlotte, NC.

Unique Expressions offers a wide selection of workroom supplies from Draw-Matic Corporation. Size-O-Matic clamping bars, straight-edge cutting guides, and Rule-O-Matic edge rulers are custom made for workroom tables, thus increasing efficiency and immensely increasing profit margins.

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Clamping Bars

Other Workroom Time-Saving Devices


To view video made by Cathy Tucker from the Traveling Workroom Temp using the Draw-Matic products, the video is posted on Product Share of the Workroom Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEjTwX3BBSY&t=24s

Below: 10ft. Cutting guide at Standard Textile, Las Vegas, NV.

Below: Edge Ruler and Cutting Guide in workroom of Bobbie's Designs in Winston Salem, NC.

Below: Deluxe Clamping Bar at Custom Workroom Technical Center, Tryon, NC.