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-- American Down & Feather Reviews --

From Susan Cumming Fortucci, The Pincushion, e-mail on 5/10/2016

Pillow forms came today, and I finished pillows today. Perfect!! and I love the green filling, much softer than I expected. Thanks so, so much everyone!!

Susan Cumming Fortucci
The Pincushion
Denton, MD


From Amanda Brown, Sew Fine, Drapery Pro posting on 8/07/2008

I've ordered the "green" pillow Shasta talks about, and it is great outdoors. I threw one out on my patio, no cover, just the insert. It's been out there for a few months in direct sun, torrential rain, and a combination of the two here in West Central FL. It has been soaked over and over again. So far no mold, no odor, no breaking down, no matting, no clumping, nothing. And when it gets wet, (and I mean hard soaking rain for hours) it does not get waterlogged. You could squeeze it and sure it's wet, but not dripping like a pillow would be. Put it in a Sunbrella cover and it looks like it would last outdoors quite nicely.
As to feel, it's not squishy like a down pillow, it feels more like normal poly-fil.
I won't hesitate to sell this product to my clients. And the new Sunbrella Sheer is fabulous too!

Amanda Brown
Tampa Bay, FL


From Amanda Brown, Sew Fine, Drapery Pro posting on 8/10/2009

I've used both of these pillows Shasta talks about and they are good. When I first ordered one I hung it on my clothesline for several weeks, and checked it after every thunderstorm (we have a lot of them in Florida) and it held up beautifully.
I would say that for the feel, they are very like a standard poly pillow, stuffed nice and full but not squishy like down or down alternative.
I use them now whenever I need something outdoor, even if it is on a covered patio.

Amanda Brown
Tampa Bay, FL


From Linda Schmidt, PrimaDonna Linens, e-mail on 7/14/2009

Good afternoon.
I want to thank you for getting my pillow form order to me so quickly. Never have had that kind of service before. This is great. WoW!!!!!
It usually takes two to three months for us to get our orders and they always come in wrong. Then we spend the next six months getting everything straightened out. What a pain that is and time consuming.

Linda Schmidt
Production Manager
PrimaDonna Linens

As of 1/1/2016, Prima Donna Linens is my largest American Down and Feather customer.