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Summer 2018

Record-high temperatures in numerous parts of the country are forcing many people to stay indoors, but those who have Sunbrella® products are able to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.  Note that Sunbrella® will have a slight price increase as of August 25, 2018, so request an updated price list from uniqshasta@charter.net.

Cathy Stich, of Cathy’s Curtains & Accessories, did an excellent job demonstrating the Draw-Matic products at the Construction Zone of the I.W.C.E. show in Tampa. She has been using the product for 20 years, and the response was overwhelming. While at the show, I connected with Cathy Tucker and Sandra Van Sickle who were going to be spending time together making videos for Cathy, they also had the opportunity to fulfill my wish to make a video demonstrating the Draw-Matic product line:

 Check out this link posted on the Product Share portion of the Workroom channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEjTwX3BBSY

The Draw-Matic portion of Unique Expressions’ website has also been updated to list the video:  http://www.uniquexpressions.net/productlinehtmls/clampingbars.html

For the past 20 years that Unique Expressions has been selling Draw-Matic products, as well as exhibiting the product line at many trade shows, most fabricators have made the same comment:  “Why did I wait this long to purchase Draw-Matic?”  Cathy Stich sent me the following comments:  "As you know, I was a one-woman workroom for many years and the Draw-Matic equipment revolutionized my business. I became SO much more efficient, precise & profitable."

While traveling around four states demonstrating the Döfix product line for many years, I had the opportunity to visit hundreds of workrooms, many basement operations, as well as numerous commercial workrooms.  The workrooms using Draw-Matic equipment produced treatments in more systematic, labor-saving, and cost-efficient ways.  The more efficiently the work is completed using these proper tools, the higher the profit margins. 

Be sure to visit Unique Expressions’ booth at the Custom Workroom Conference to be held in Spartanburg, SC, from October 1-3 where Draw-Matic products will be demonstrated:   http://customworkroomconference.com/

Susan Woodcock, producer of this show as well as the owner of Custom Workroom Technical Center describes this show as: “an event created by and for workroom owners, to provide the very best in education and resources unique to our profession.” 

Hope to see you there.

Wishing all of you coooler days and hotter sales!!!

Best wishes,


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